Why don’t you think the Nats are doing the job?


Why does anyone think they are? 

Find an example in recent years where the Liberal Party has been forced to give painful ground on issues dear to their heart for the sake of maintaining the Coalition.  Find an example in recent years where the Nationals have railed against and reversed the stripping of resources from rural and regional communities.

The Nationals wrongly claim they are, or their brand is, responsible for ongoing investment in the regions.  The thirty year decline in our circumstances demonstrates otherwise.  We get little more than the bare minimum of political support and it is highly questionable that the Nationals can prove any net benefit of their presence at all. 

We are sick of trusting a brand that makes endless promises and espouses popular policy, but lacks either the will, ability or both to deliver on them.  Today’s Nationals lack the mongrel that underpinned the reputation that they currently live off. 

We are few in number and so we must act with purpose and resolve to serve our people and not a Coalition.  The Coalition was only ever a tool for serving our constituents and it has been corrupted by National’s who have capitulated to the expedient notion that rural and regional Australians are less important than standing in Coalition.

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  • Helen Hall
    published this page in FAQ 2015-02-22 18:38:31 +1100