Why are you forming a new party?


Rural representation in Australia (at both state and federal levels) has been failing rural communities which provide approximately eighty-five percent of our nation’s wealth.  In spite of our contribution to the nation’s wealth our communities have slipped to some of the lowest socioeconomic demographics in the nation.

It is in the national interest that we reinvigorate rural and regional economies by increasing the viability of these industries and ensuring more of the wealth generated remains in these rural communities. We need a Party and politicians with some mongrel commitment to specifically reverse the decline in rural communities and deliver a wider diversity of secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas.

The Nationals (by being so closely aligned with the Liberal majorities through Coalition agreements in both government and opposition) have become politically subservient and no longer effectively represent rural people as specifically and deliberately as they once did.

CountryMinded was formed as a result of this clear need for targeted rural representation, and better rural policies and committed politicians in State and Federal Governments in the broader national interest.

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  • Helen Hall
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