Why are you against mining?


We are not.

We are for sustainable industries as the primary long term economic driver of rural communities. We do not believe extractive industries should be given planning priority over agriculture and similarly should be subject to the same standards of environmental compliance as other industries.

We are against the destabilising ‘boom and bust’ cycle that poorly planned and monitored large corporate mining and petroleum investments can cause, and the massive potential environmental impacts of such activities. We are especially against threats to sustainable rural industries such as agriculture and tourism which will be around for decades and centuries after short term extracted resources are depleted.

If mining or petroleum extractive industries can demonstrate no lasting threat or impacts on local environments and productive land and water resources we will naturally support it.  If mining can be a source of income for locals (not FIFO or similar arrangements) and if it can foster regional value adding industries and further employment then we will naturally support it.

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  • Thomas Smith
    commented 2016-04-19 10:10:07 +1000
    So how will you make sure miners will clean up their environmental mess after they go belly up