How can you say you’ll get more government money spent in rural Australia if you are outside the Liberal/National or Labour party governments?


Modern politics has become dominated by Parties seeking the opportunity to form Government.  In this environment it is the marginal seats that receive a disproportionate level of political interest.  Having seats held safely by one side of Government means they are either taken for granted or written off in the political manoeuvring to secure enough seats to form Government.  This has resulted a much shorter political planning horizon. CountryMinded aims to promote a greater emphasis on beneficial intergenerational policy outcomes.

Introducing a credible conservative political alternative will ensure rural seats cannot be taken for granted or written off delivering better leverage regardless of who forms Government.

Unlike independents CountryMinded aims to achieve a collective influence to bring benefit to the whole of rural Australia and extend the benefits of marginalising a single electorate.

Rural seats that remain outside of formal Coalitions will enable and empower better policies for rural Australia in a manner which does not see rural votes sidelined or watered down by political expediency.

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