Climate and Environment


The notion of Climate and Environment here refers deliberately to long time-frames of at least generational nature.  CountryMinded is vitally concerned with seasonal variability in weather and biodiversity, but the context of this statement is this longer time-frame and more focused on the cumulative impacts of our actions over time.

The reality is that we borrow the world from our children and grandchildren and we should strive to leave it in as good or better condition than we found it.  CountryMinded is strongly committed to the philosophy of being “honorable ancestors” in the context of being climatic and environmental stewards.

Science is our best tool for understanding the world around us.   Science is responsible for the knowledge that has produced the technology we rely on in the modern world.

At this time, 97% of published scientific papers support the view that human activity is warming the climate, largely through the extraction of stored fossil fuels and that such warming has a high likelihood of resulting in adverse consequences.   This high level of scientific agreement is very unusual and other debates that have ultimately been resolved into widespread agreement have generally achieved a considerably lower level of scientific consensus.  

The world has been warmer before, but not within the timeframe that we have built our global civilisation.  This is cause for considerable concern because our civilisation depends on climate stability in order to support the agricultural enterprise that supports the still growing human population.

Global atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are now higher than at any time during the last 3 million years.  These high levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are also impacting on carbon dioxide levels dissolved in sea water with resultant impacts on pH and likely dramatic ramifications for the entire oceanic food chain.

In view of the above points, society must at least adopt the precautionary principle and agree that global carbon dioxide emissions need to be constrained.  CountryMinded is willingly, ethically, morally and culturally committed to doing no harm and leaving the nation and by inference the climate that affects it better than we found it where possible.

However, it remains necessary to encourage and support the sustainable development of natural ecosystems to pursue sustainable agricultural production systems to the best of our ability and with the best intent to grow the economic prosperity of the nation. 

In response to the issues raised above CountryMinded would:

  • support and extend the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target;
  • provide direct and meaningful support to land managers to facilitate the delivery of meaningful ecoservices in the ordinary conduct of their business;
  • support a carbon pricing scheme that does not impinge unfairly on small business or agricultural enterprise;

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  • Warwick Tweedie
    commented 2016-06-23 15:56:27 +1000
    In addition, the loss of humus from our soils is a huge factor in the reduced productivity of Ag in most parts of the World, and most noteably, Australia following colonisation.
    No humus = no agriculture = no productivity = ……..
    Some experts have put this as having sigificant effects on irreversaible climate change in as little as 3-5 yrs. And when we say irreversaible effects, they mean catastrophic, to the point of death of ALL animals, plants and us!
    “Humus Saves The World” -TED Noosa 2013
  • Pappinbarra Fox
    commented 2015-07-02 11:47:57 +1000
    I recall an old saying – Live like you could die tomorrow but farm like you will live forever.
    Sustainable farming is the goal and this environment policy appears to understand that. Congratulations. It has been a long time since the Nationals actually represented country people.