Aren’t you just the same as the Nationals?



The Nationals have abandoned their roots, neglected their core constituents and adopted an autocratic culture that is no longer accountable or relevant to the rural communities they purport to represent.  The Nationals unconditional commitment to the Coalition sees rural interests subservient to the agenda of the Liberal Party.

The Nationals accept large donations and policy influence from large corporate and multinational mining interests that skew policy towards unsustainable industries.

This evolution of the Nationals has resulted in 30 years of decline in rural population, viability, influence, opportunity and environmental assets.

CountryMinded is purposefully a grass roots ground up structure with a cultural commitment and necessary mongrel to enforce the social contract between Parliamentarians and their constituents.

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  • Thomas Smith
    commented 2016-04-19 10:14:02 +1000
    So are you saying that you will not “abandoned their roots,” if offered sufficient bribes and backhanders from oversees… or mining companies