Media Release

21 November 2017

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Gonski plus needed for education

COUNTRYMINDED candidate for New England Pete Mailler has called out the Coalition’s commitment to rural and regional education.
“Barnaby Joyce and the Coalition have gutted school funding over the next two years, abandoned the National Education Reform Agenda and subsequently ripped more than $26 million out of promised school funding for the New England electorate in 2018 and 2019 alone,” he said.
Pete said CountryMinded gave ‘in principle’ support to the Gonski recommendations about education, particularly for equitable funding for schools in rural, regional and remote areas and was committed to getting that money back for rural and regional schools.
“With technological advancements, and an interconnected global economy, Australia must advance to compete, and although Gonski went part way to resolving the resourcing issue, there is also a cultural element of the education system that needed to be addressed,” he said.
“To start with, great teachers need to be identified and rewarded.
“We must support our teachers and focus on the quality and efficacy of teaching ahead of the curriculum, education effectiveness must be measured through student growth, and teaching performance should be measured in terms of how students have improved under a teacher’s guidance, and are able to do so year after year.
“We also support a funding mechanism or tax deductibility for all education related expenses including travel for rural, regional and remote families, and policies that improved access to better telecommunication services for rural, regional and remote families for education purposes.”
“Education is essential to provide future generations with the best possible opportunities and to ensure Australia is globally competitive in all fields of endeavour. There is no reason why Australia shouldn’t be at the forefront of innovation and excellence in education.”