15 November 2017

Media Release

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Make your vote count

COUNTRYMINDED candidate for New England Pete Mailler today reminded everyone to make their vote count by not accidentally having it thrown aside into the informal pile.
“We’re certainly pleased our democracy is alive and well, but the truth is the sheer size of the field now means there is a much greater chance of informal voting,” he said.
“The field in this by-election is almost as big as last week’s Melbourne Cup, which again proved you shouldn't always back the favourite.
“It is a little intriguing that so many parties that normally only contest Lower House seats to mine votes for their Upper House aspirations and preference flows nominated. There is no parallel Upper House contest to leverage here and there is a real risk voters will be discouraged to vote formally. The outcome of the size of the field will certainly make our job harder.”
Pete said CountryMinded remained resolute and implored voters to number all the boxes 1 to17 to make their vote count.
“After putting a 1 in number 11,” he said with a grin.
“It’s easy. Just remember the old bingo call, legs eleven, and because I only have one leg and I really need another one to stand on - put 1 next to 11.”

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