15 November 2017


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Medicinal cannabis for New England

COUNTRYMINDED candidate for New England Pete Mailler said the Electorate was an ideal location to provide leadership and benefit from the establishment of a medicinal cannabis enterprise. Pete said Australia legalised medicinal cannabis for use last year and production could be easily adapted using horticulture skills and techniques.
“State legislation in NSW is better established and more functional than other states, providing a natural advantage for a product that is well-established globally,” he said.
“At the moment, Australian demand massively outstrips legal supply.
“While patients who might benefit from these products are missing out on a key option to improve their quality of life, the Australian Government tries to fast track foreign suppliers and effectively deprives Australian enterprise of the opportunity to drive and develop a multibillion dollar industry.”
Pete said with demand way ahead of supply as the regulators struggle to come to terms with how to initiate and stimulate investment in the industry, it was essential the opportunity to establish a domestic and potential export industry in the New England was not squandered.
“If elected, I propose to bring state and federal regulators together with potential investors and developers, as well as local Government,” he said.
“I propose to integrate the research capacity at UNE to develop varieties and agronomy packages. I propose to ensure that regional based clinical trials are conducted in conjunction with hospitals in the region.”
“To ensure affordable access to cannabis-based medicines it is essential that medicinal cannabis is not captured by big pharmaceutical companies. In this context I would advocate to enlist the support of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Australian Medical Association to assist in establishing a suitable delivery system.”
Pete said his strategy would enhance the value of existing infrastructure, streamline planning and approvals and ensure local patients are at the forefront of access to new and emerging products.
“It is estimated up to two million patients in Australia may benefit from medicinal cannabis products,” he said .
“Regional Australia must constantly look to new and emerging economic opportunities, and it’s essential Government and private sector objectives align to maximise these opportunities.
The industry and this proposal simply need a political champion.

Editor’s note: Products derived from cannabis are used and known to benefit patients with a range of conditions including: Cancer Pain, Nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, Alzheimer’s Disease, Arthritis, Diabetic peripheral neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety and depression and AIDS/HIV.

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