14 November 2017

Media Release

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Joyce is gutless

COUNTRYMINDED candidate for New England Pete Mailler expressed his disgust at Barnaby Joyce’s decision not to engage at any public forums or debates during the lead-up to this very significant by-election.
“He’s gutless and a hypocrite,” Pete stated flatly.
“He is the only one who has nothing else to do all day other than campaign for this election. So, it’s a very poor outlook when many farmers like me are all out in their paddocks trying to get in a crop that we know has been devalued by his inaction, and he’s refusing to tell us why.
“This is that Nationals ‘born to rule’ attitude coming to the fore yet again, this time from their Party leader, who is so certain he has won this election he thinks he doesn’t need to engage anymore than he decides to.
It didn’t take us long to return to 2001, when the Nationals lost this seat because they were taking it for granted, did it?
“Remember where Joyce lived in 2013? He was parachuted in from Queensland for pre-selection and he had no qualms about engaging with other candidates then. Truly, this Electorate deserves a better deal than this sort of arrogance.”
Pete said the number of candidates and where they came from was only a convenient issue for Joyce because he was a more ‘retail than detail’ politician.

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