8 November 2017

Media Release

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Competition is the key

Who the hell is Pete Mailler and why should we vote for him?
This seems to be million dollar question as the electorate embraces the idea that the New England by-election is about a whole lot more than sympathy for a career politician who fell afoul of the constitution.
Pete Mailler is a farmer and grazier with a long history of rural advocacy. He is standing purposefully to make this election about real issues that affect people in the electorate every day. He is standing to get a better deal for the people and communities of New England.
“Competition is the key to good politics. Marginal seats get all the political attention and safe seats get next to none. I am running to try and bring genuine competition to this election and focus the narrative on the real issues like energy, employment, health, education and infrastructure.” Mr Mailler said.
In the 2013 the New England election the Nationals were not effectively challenged. The lack of competition in that election meant the people of the New England were taken for granted. The Liberal Party ripped about $100 Million in election funding promises to New England and without genuine political competition the Nationals were powerless to stop it.
“I have spent some time wearing out the carpets in Parliament House fighting for a better deal and I have seen first hand how broken the political system is. Decisions are made by both sides of Government based simply on how many votes they might attract. The political system is broken because the major parties are solely focussed on holding office and have lost any sense of shared values with the electorate.”
CountryMinded was founded to re-establish a values driven and values focussed political movement. The Constitution enshrines a set of Principles that guide the thinking and actions of the Party reliably and predictably. In this way, CountryMinded was founded to ensure the electorate comes first.
Pete Mailler is standing because he believes the problems facing communities will be best addressed by the communities facing them. He believes that the best way to facilitate political support to empower communities to address the issues that affect them is through genuine political competition and narrow election margins. These are delivered by courageous voters willing to elect the best candidate rather than the favourite party.
“New England voters have a long history of political courage. The electorate and rural electorates around it, have benefited significantly from that courage. I am running to provide a safe and credible alternative for the voters of the New England to again exercise that courage and leverage better political outcomes. With the voters’ support we can and will get a better deal.”

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