7 November 2017

Media Release

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CountryMinded urges Local Government to participate

CountryMinded candidate, Pete Mailler, urges Local Government leaders in the New England to get involved in the by-election.
Mr Mailler said, “The best possible political outcomes for the people and communities of the New England will only be secured by genuine political competition. Genuine political competition is the key to genuine political consideration. New England voters must not allow any Party to take the electorate or the election for granted.”
Local Government leaders have a vested interest in the electorate being able to leverage its control over the single seat majority to deliver better outcomes for their communities.
Mr Mailler has asked Mayors throughout the electorate to facilitate candidate forums ahead of the upcoming by-election.
Mr Mailler said, “We are all sick of being taken for granted! The best way to secure genuine political service for New England is to not elect the Nationals. The next best option is to make the contest result so close that the Coalition cannot take the seat for granted and so must provide political comfort to the electorate to secure it.”
While many councillors have strong political affiliations, Mr Mailler hopes that they will see past these and recognise the profound opportunity that this by-election presents to the voters in New England to leverage significant increases in political support to their regions.
It is essential that voters in the New England get an opportunity to know their candidates’ values. Further they need to understand the real significance of the by-election and the profound opportunity it presents to communities in the electorate.
Mr Mailler said, “It is a massive ask for any candidate to seek endorsement by an electorate, especially to hold the balance of power on behalf of that electorate. I do not assume any voter would do so without having the opportunity to know that candidate.”
Elected representatives are public servants and their first and binding commitment must be to their constituency in the context of being a servant. This is an essential tenet in the social contract that must exist and be enforced between any elected representative and their constituency.
New England voters must have every opportunity to meet and assess the candidates of this crucial by-election to secure the best outcome from it.
“I look forward to the opportunity to work with the Mayors and communities across New England to secure a better deal for the electorate from this election”, Mr Mailler said.

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