28 June 2016

Minor Parties will help to build a better Australia

This election the two major parties are highlighting their new political candidates to ensure disengaged voters don’t seek out alternative parties or candidates who might offer a new voice for a politically fatigued nation, according to the CountryMinded Queensland team.

CountryMinded is a fledgling political party contesting its first election.

Farmer, founder and one of CountryMinded’s Queensland Senate candidate Pete Mailler said it is more important than ever before to create an effective and credible political competition to hold our two major parties to account.

“This party was borne out of what pundits regard as some of the most conservative and safe political seats in the country including the huge inland and traditionally “National” seats of Maranoa in Qld and Parkes in NSW,” Mr Mailler said.

“Political competition is vital to fixing our broken politics.

“There is simply no advantage to the community in perpetuating the myth that safe seats are in our best interests.

“MPs in marginal seats work harder and deliver more for their electorates to ensure they keep their jobs.”

Mr Mailler said what is fundamentally wrong with the current system is that politicians are putting their party politics above the needs of the community.

“The irony is not lost on us that only way to break down the endemic party-first culture is to establish a new party,” he said.

“CountryMinded was founded on the philosophy that reconnects us with the idea that politicians have a social and moral contract with the electorate before all other interests and this will benefit the whole country, not just marginal seats.”

Mr Mailler said while CountryMinded is determined to claim a Senate seat, it does have a long-term fall-back strategy without being in office to be effective in order to address Australia’s broken politics.

“We have a responsibility to manage this country not only for this generation, but for future Australians too,” he said.

“We must adopt the agricultural notion of stewardship in politics that is committed to leaving our country a better place than we found it to ensure future generations can prosper from it too.”



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