27 June 2016

National Party fails to address youth unemployment

Government failure to seriously invest in regional businesses and infrastructure is one of the main causes of youth unemployment according to New England CountryMinded candidate Dave Mailler.

Mr Mailler is holding the National Party responsible for this as it is the recognised regional incumbent.

“I would suggest the only reason for the National Party’s inaction is an overwhelming lack of care for its regional communities,” he said.

“The tragedy is that the self-worth and well being that comes with job opportunities and careers is being denied to a new generation of young people.”

Mr Mailler said he has watched and listened to the Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce addressing the issue of employment.

“All he has said so far is akin to shifting the deck chairs and this is doing nothing to address the high rate of more than 18 per cent youth unemployment in New England”.

“The fact remains that regional electorates are among the lowest socio-economic communities in Australia while generating 85 per cent of this country’s wealth.

“Without investment we are condemning the country to an emerging welfare dependency crisis.

“Our future depends on a productive, industrious youth with the future ability to carry the national economy, but with 18 percent youth unemployment in New England this looks impossible.”

Mr Mailler said as the National Party Leader, Mr Joyce simply saying he has a seat at the table does not remove his responsibility and incompetence in failing our children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren of their future opportunities and prosperity.

“The election promises by both major parties of further education, training and cadetships does not create jobs and actually pushes off the problem to a future date where the issue is compounded,” Mr Mailler said.

“Without local career opportunities our young people will have to continue to leave regional communities”.

Close to 30,000 people aged 15 to 25 years have been leaving regional Australia each year for the past decade. And despite this, regional communities have among the highest youth unemployment.

“CountryMinded was founded to provide a credible political alternative for rural and regional voters because we deserve better,” Mr Mailler said.

“We won’t stand back and let any politician ignore the issue, Deputy Prime Minister or not.”


Dave Mailler

0487 765 229