27 June 2016

Nationals re-announce funding of Armidale roundabout

“Member for New England Barnaby Joyce has discovered a magic pudding of pork barrel funding” claimed David Mailler.

A commitment by National’s leader Barnaby Joyce 18 months ago to the Armidale airport roundabout as part trilateral funding agreement was trotted out again on Saturday morning in Armidale according to New England CountryMinded candidate Dave Mailler.

"I can only suggest the only reason for the National Party leader would regurgitate a old funding commitment was that he is desperate or he thought so little of this community and believed he could hoodwink the electorate into thinking this was a new ’pork barrel,” he said.

Mr Mailler said the Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce has attempted in 72 days to make up for the missing previous nearly 900 days.  “Along with a large part of the electorate I am asking what it is that Mr Joyce has done for the electorate, I know he has spent a roundabouts worth of funding on electoral offices and wondering what else”.

“CountryMinded won’t stand back and let any politician make ambit claims, Deputy Prime Minister or not.”


Dave Mailler
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