26 June 2016

Minor Parties set to lift the standard of political representation

The major parties have become complacent and are failing to properly represent their electorates and supporting them when they're in need according to the CountryMinded Queensland team.

CountryMinded Queensland Senate candidate Pete Mailler said minor parties play a vital role in an election as they offer competition to the major parties ensuring the electorates receive proper representative options.

“The fear being perpetuated by the major parties around the participation of so many minor parties in this election is simply an attempt to monopolise the Australian political system,” Mr Mailler said.

“MPs in marginal seats work harder and deliver more to their electorates to ensure they have a good chance of re-election.

“An effective minor party can provide a very real and positive benefit the electorates through improved services and infrastructure even without winning a seat.”

CountryMinded Queensland Senate candidate Sherrill Stivano said CountryMinded acts was founded as a catalyst for real change in electorates considered safe by the major parties that haven’t had the opportunities offered to them compared to the marginal seats.

“CountryMinded is not a threat to democracy and effective government in Australia but rather creates the exact opposite, forcing the major parties and incumbents to lift their game and deliver real results to their electorates,” she said.

Ms Stivano said the CountryMinded team will offer objective and constructive review of legislation rather than acting as a rubber stamp or the other extreme being obstructive.

“The Senate is a House of Review and for this reason effective governance can only be improved if the right candidates are elected,” Ms Stivano said.

“Even by just being in the race and advocating for improved representation CountryMinded will create positive change by putting the two major parties on notice that they are no longer effectively representing many Australians.”



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