23 June 2016

Agriculture Minister’s ag policy will be ineffective

The Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce’s announcement today of the $240 million agriculture policy will not provide appropriate solutions for the agricultural industry according to CountryMinded.

CountryMinded Queensland Senate Candidate Pete Mailler said the agriculture policy announcement misses the mark and has failed to address the current lack of transparency in agricultural supply chains.

“Whilst the $240 million commitment is welcome, unless Minister Joyce commits to addressing inequity in agricultural supply chains it’s little more than window dressing,” Mr Mailler said.

“We already have proof that his inaction to enact conditions of legislation on grain bulk handling companies since he took office has cost producers more than $300 million in lost income leading to significant losses in the regional economy.

“Supply chain transparency is the issue that he needs to address as it is effecting all agricultural industries and that is the promise that we are seeking in the run up to the election.”

Mr Mailler welcomes the Regional Investment Corporation’s (RIC) commitment but said it won’t be effective unless it incorporates a broader scope than just administering concessional loans.

“The RIC actually needs to be looking at industry reconstruction and addressing investment in the supply chain to address the lack of competition,” Mr Mailler said.

“If these problems are addressed the production sector will receive five times more than the promised $240 million the Minister is promising.”



Aisling Brennan

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