20 June 2016

CountryMinded says farmers must have the right to say no to mining on their farms

Having no choice in this matter is destroying farms and causing severe angst for our affected farmers according to CountryMinded’s Queensland Senate Candidate Sherrill Stivano.

Ms Stivano said the CountryMinded team not only supports the right for farmers to say no to the mining of their lands, it will actively campaign and advocate to ensure this right is obtained for all Australian farmers.

“Small farms can be excessively impacted in production capacity by mining on their farms,” she said.

“Farmers with larger landholding may be open to mining on their farms and the resulting economic returns, but it must be their choice.

“This is the only way of ensuring equitable agreements and payments can be reached that provide a positive benefit to farmers and their land,” Ms Stivano said.

CountryMinded does not receive donations from the mining industry and will not accept donations from mining companies.

A vote for CountryMinded is the only way to ensure this simple right is secured for our future generations.

“A vote for CountryMinded will not see your preferences distributed to the Greens as we will not be distributing preferences,” Ms Stivano said.

“Each person’s vote is valuable, as are their preferences and our voters must be able to choose the direction for their vote.

Give the farmer the right to say no. Vote for CountryMinded in the Senate (NSW and Qld) or New England and Maranoa.



Aisling Brennan

0438 895 095