19 June 2016

CountryMinded Queensland Senate Candidates call on urban voters for support

CountryMinded Queensland Senate Candidate Sherrill Stivano is calling on voters in major Queensland cities to vote CountryMinded on Election Day to support rural and regional Australia.

Ms Stivano said CountryMinded is looking to give rural and regional communities an effective voice in parliament by lending support to communities able to identify appropriate solutions which would directly benefit their region.

“It will put people in Canberra who live and breathe rural and regional communities in the Senate and give them a voice that is missing from the current political scene,” Ms Stivano said.

“We are real people who can not only talk about the problems facing rural and regional communities and industry, but we have actual solutions that are grown out of these areas.”

Ms Stivano said the people in our Queensland cities can reach out to help rural and regional communities and farmers by voting for CountryMinded into the Senate.

“We have the knowledge and networks to ensure the right policies and legislations for rural and regional Australia are implemented,” Ms Stivano said.

“We want to do more than just talk about sustainability, we want to make our industries drive the Australian economy to become more sustainable.

“We want to manage our land and resources with policies and legislation to ensure it is sustainable for our future generations, no matter where they choose to live.”

Ms Stivano has a strong background in agricultural business and finance and she believes agriculture is vital to Australia’s future.

She believes the integrity of Australian agricultural industries, farmers and food production must be protected.



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