16 May 2016

CountryMinded fields first phase of candidates

Fledgling regional political organisation, CountryMinded, announces the first in what they hope will be the first in a series of Candidate announcements.

The first cabs of the rank will be:

Peter Mailler and Sherrill Stivano running on the Senate Ticket for Queensland

David Mailler for the seat of New England

Nominations remain open in other seats and jurisdictions and we are expecting to make further announcements in the near future.

In our first months as a political party and one heading straight into an election our goal is not to win power but to WIN A VOICE for our rural and regional communities. Our intent in entering the campaign fray is to act as a catalyst for change by changing the conversation and forcing quality political representation.

CountryMinded was founded to bring renewed rigour and vigour to the political voice of rural and regional Australia. Over 85% of the nation’s wealth is generated in regional Australia. However less than 20% of the Australian population is considered regional. As a result, the political system sees a disproportionately small voice for our regional communities. The same communities that are Australia’s most significant contributor to our economy.

We were, and are still, seeking candidates who are keen to make a real difference to the quality of the political conversation and their community. To support this objective, and in an Australian political first CountryMinded appointed an independent HR agency, Pinnacle People Solutions to manage its recruitment process. Its stated purpose was to ensure a more rigorous and impartial approach to recruitment that would be significantly more likely to deliver political representatives with the skills, characteristics and leadership capacity that meet the expectations of the Australian public.

Mr Mailler said, “We are still in discussion with some very interesting candidates and are encouraging additional candidates who are passionate about achieving better representation for their community to contact specialist HR agency, Pinnacle People Solutions to explore the opportunity.”

Details of the new party and a candidate prospectus can be found online at www.countryminded.org.au or by request at www.pinnaclepeoplesolutions.com.au.

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Pete Mailler pete.mailler@countryminded.org.au 0427 265 707

David Mailler david.mailler@countryminded.org.au 0487 765 229

Sherrill Stivano sherrill.stivano@countryminded.org.au 0427 143 687

Bronwyn Pearson bronwyn@pinnaclepeoplesolutions.com.au 0412 400 206