26 April 2016

CountryMinded merit based candidate recruitment - A first in Australian politics

Fledgling regional political organisation, CountryMinded, has appointed specialist HR agency, Pinnacle People Solutions to manage its candidate recruitment for the upcoming federal election.

CountryMinded is a new political organisation committed to serving rural and regional Australia as the foundation and cornerstone of Australia’s future prosperity and security.

Party President, Pete Mailler said, “CountryMinded is a progressive political organisation committed to enforcing the implied social contract that should exist between candidates and their electorate. We have committed to only running good quality candidates and we have called on an award winning recruitment firm in Pinnacle People Solutions to ensure we do”.

“There is an increasing disaffection for the traditional political parties and little faith in the integrity of their preselection processes. We see frequent reports of corrupted preselections that are clearly not merit based or even popular. CountryMinded preselections will be objective, merit based and consistent to meet the needs of organisation and the expectations of prospective nominees”.

Pinnacle People Solutions is a regional HR agency based in Armidale NSW specialising in regional SMEs and Not-for-profits. As specialists in regional business they understand the unique challenges regional business face in operating in lower population areas, attracting quality candidates to regional areas and the greater impact on reputation and productivity when organisations get their recruitment decisions wrong.

Pinnacle People Solutions Director and Principal Consultant, Bronwyn Pearson said, “Working with a political organisation is a very different opportunity and presents its own challenges. However, when looking at the challenges facing Australian politics it is clear that taking a more rigorous and impartial HR based approach to candidate recruitment is significantly more likely to deliver political representatives with the skills, characteristics and leadership capacity that meet the expectations of the Australian public”.

Ms Pearson said, “We will apply the same rigour and methodology to this recruitment process as we would to any other commercial role”.

Mr Mailler said, “We are absolutely committed to providing a progressive, credible, pragmatic and community focussed political alternative and this recruiting process is key to ensuring our preselection process is beyond reproach and absolutely merit based. We are pleased to be able to partner with Pinnacle People Solutions for our candidate recruitment process”.

CountryMinded intends to run both Upper and Lower House candidates depending on the quality of candidates that come forward. Details of the new party and a candidate prospectus can be found online at www.countryminded.org.au or by request at www.pinnaclepeoplesolutions.com.au.

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