19 April 2016

CountryMinded Seeks Country Minded

CountryMinded has been officially recognised by the Australian Electoral Commission and will contest the upcoming federal election.

CountryMinded is a new political organisation committed to serving rural and regional Australia as the foundation and cornerstone of Australia’s future prosperity and security.

Party President, Pete Mailler said, “CountryMinded was founded by a dedicated team of Australians who are fed up with the general lack of political understanding and complete disregard for the issues facing rural and regional communities and the far reaching consequences of this for the entire nation”.

“There is an increasing disaffection for the traditional political processes and parties who purport to represent rural and regional Australia and we are absolutely committed to providing a progressive, credible pragmatic and community focussed political alternative”.

“Our name reflects our commitment to country in the context of the land, the people who work and rely upon it and the overarching nation. It is born from an understanding that while the rural and regional population is declining proportionally, our contribution to the nation’s wealth is not.”

“We are committed to the concepts of food and water security on a generational basis. We are committed to small business and family farms and all who rely upon them. We are committed to addressing the problems of a disconnected, misdirected and wasteful bureaucracy. We are committed to being the political conscience for and on behalf of rural and regional Australia and all who rely upon it”

“Our registration means that the CountryMinded movement can now formally engage in the political processes of the country. The timing of the registration means we are able to field candidates in this year’s federal election and nominations are now open. We intend to run both Upper and Lower House candidates”, he said.

CountryMinded will be outsourcing candidate recruitment and preselection to an independent HR firm to provide an objective and merit based process. Details of the new party and a candidate prospectus can be found online at www.countryminded.org.au.

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Pete Mailler

0427 265 707