4 December 2015

CountryMinded See Through Grooming

CountryMinded President, Pete Mailler, says, “The defection by Ian Macfarlane to the National Party is simply another example of superficial political expediency. Some commentators are suggesting it is a move against Malcolm Turnbull, but it is far more self-serving than that.”

Mr Mailler said, “Mr Macfarlane has a long history of doing things that will benefit his political advancement including his initial decision to stand for the Liberal Party when he entered politics. In truth, his defection now is no different. He has more chance of re-joining the front bench through the Nationals than he does through the Liberal Party”.

“It is far more likely that this “defection” is really a contrived plot by the hierarchy of the National Party to pass over Barnaby Joyce as the next leader and parachute in a more acceptable alternative. It is no secret that the Liberal Party is concerned about Barnaby Joyce’s potential leadership and the Nationals hierarchy will do almost anything to ensure the Coalition survives.”

“Ian Macfarlane was considering retirement in the wake of being dumped to the back bench, so it became a no brainer for the Nats to approach to him. His preselection is governed by the Queensland LNP meaning there is no state or electorate upheaval in his move, providing a stable and smooth transition.”

Mr Mailler said “Rural and regional communities need political champions with true grit who are personally and emotionally committed to building vibrant sustainable communities for our future. Sadly, over time Mr Macfarlane has demonstrated a stronger commitment to his political prospects. In spite of his agricultural background this latest change appears self-serving and superficial rather than presenting a genuine opportunity for better and more committed political advocacy”

“Mr Macfarlane is clearly on the Nationals fast track to be the leader. This will open the door to the Deputy Prime Ministership which is a far higher office then he could have ever achieved in the Liberal Party.”

“It is disappointing that his commitment is to prioritise coal and coal seam gas over agricultural interests, but I suppose it is a natural enough fit with the Nationals culturally and commercially.”

“For the first time I nearly feel a little bit sorry for Barnaby Joyce in this situation as it becomes less and less likely that his own leadership ambitions will be realised. The truth is though that rural and regional Australia simply deserve better than the Nationals can or will deliver.”

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