In the increasingly confusing political landscape, it seems absurd to suggest that we need another new political party. In truth, we seem to be yearning for old style political leadership and values that work in the interests of the nation before Party. It is in this context that CountryMinded is being launched, to re-establish old Party values committed to honestly serving rural and regional Australia as the most logical foundation for the future of our nation.

CountryMinded is committed to applying old style political values which honour and enforce the social contract between politicians and the people who elect them before any allegiance to Parties or vested commercial interests.

CountryMinded is primarily a rural based Party committed to a modern countrymindedness in the best interests of the entire nation. Modern countrymindedness seeks to highlight the enduring importance of agriculture both in terms of trade but increasingly in terms of diplomatic and regional political stability. In spite of this importance, the regional economy is lagging behind the growth of the broader economy due in part to consumer expectations around the price of food and more so due to poor agricultural policy.

CountryMinded is committed to a notion of intergenerational equity which genuinely seeks to leave our Country as good as if not better than we inherited it. Similarly the exploitation of non-renewable resources must deliver significant wealth creation opportunities for Australians over many generations. Underpinning this thinking, agricultural lands are a perpetual asset that must be protected from degradation at almost any cost.

Good stewardship of our natural resources is best achieved by maintenance of viable family farming business units. The engine room of the Australian economy remains heavily vested in small business, in agriculture and across most sectors.

CountryMinded is committed to achieving a better operating environment for small business in all sectors. It is clear that the principles that will improve conditions for farming families will improve condition for all small business operators if applied equally across the economy.

Over 85% of the nation’s wealth is generated in regional Australia and less than 20% of the population is considered to be regional. As a result the political system sees a disproportionately small voice for the major earners and CountryMindedwas founded to bring renewed rigour and vigour to the political voice of the country.

The National Party is unrecognisable to its roots and is blindly committed to the coalition. In Queensland rural and regional representation has no unique identity. Systematically the influence of rural Parliamentarians has been eroded by the Party before country culture.

CountryMinded seeks to arrest this decline in rural awareness both politically and in the public eye.

Join now and help us win the future we and our children deserve.

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  • Trevor Kirk
    commented 2015-08-02 22:06:19 +1000
    Who is behind this party? Just how democratic will the party be? We have a left labo(U)r party with factions both left and right and we have a Liberal Nats Party currently far too far to the right. In These terms – left and right – where do you sit? How many of your founding members have appropriate qualifications? We need well educated, big picture, compassionate, commercial, financial managers to run Australia not small picture re-active farmers, power hungry failed lawyers, failed journos, failed priests, failed medical practitioners, worn out sports stars and all others who can’t get a real job and so end up as a pollie with their snouts in the trough. We’ve had enough and we NEED a new party. Are you it?