CountryMinded is a new political party that has been established to restore an uncompromised voice for rural and regional Australia on the premise that:

  • A viable rural sector is vital to the future of the Country
  • Increasingly the Country’s economy is reliant on a viable rural sector
  • The policies that will sustainably resolve issues facing rural Australia will benefit all sectors of the economy
  • The current political representation does not and cannot effectively reflect the needs of rural and regional Australia

CountryMinded seeks to re-establish old political values and foster statesmanship and real leadership to provide a meaningful and effective political conscience.

CountryMinded was founded for our farming families and all who rely on their viability now and for the future, but the cause is much bigger than this. Indirectly, CountryMinded platforms will provide benefit to all sectors of the economy.

Join now and help us win the future we and our children deserve.